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Bespoke Celtic Twist Engagement Ring with Sapphires - to Match her Eyes

Bespoke Celtic Twist Engagement Ring with Sapphires bespoke scottish engagement ring edinburgh celtic inspired engagement ring scottish engagement ring


Bespoke Celtic Twist Engagement Ring with Sapphires to - Match her Eyes

Our customer was interested in our original ring on our website, he requested for it to be custom-made with a larger bespoke Sapphire.


Sourcing the perfect Sapphire

This Commission was unusual due to the efforts involved in sourcing the perfect Sapphire to match our customers partner's blue eyes.

We looked at 8 to 10 sapphires until the perfect gemstone presented itself.

Sapphires come in different qualities, top end Sapphires have deeper blue tones with a high play of colour inside the gem, the gemstone my customer selected was well within budget.



I worked with my customer to create a very slim twisted open band with a shallow depth claw setting, he selected a 5mm Sapphire.


Sizing for a Proposal RIng 

My customer had an existing ring of his partner's, which was slightly bigger, looking at an image of her hands, I guessed that her size might be closer to an L. Rings can fit differently, depending on the style of ring. There are also many factors for determining an accurate size. Smaller sizes for ladies are generally (J, K or L).


 She said yes!

The proposal went well and she said yes!

When I finally met the girl with sapphire eyes, they did indeed match her bespoke Sapphire. It was lovely to meet the beautiful couple in the gallery to chat about their life and share this wonderful experience with them. It is the best part of my job.


To arrange a Bespoke Appointment:

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